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Accelerators and incubators assist entrepreneurs in the early parts of their journeys. Neither is a guarantee of succees, but each helps "reduce friction" for founding teams in key ways. There may be financial assistance, introductions/network, coaching, and other resources made available. We've compiled a list of accelerators and incubators to help get you on your way.

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Angel investors, venture capitalists, and corporate venture teams each play a big role in the goods launching ecosystem. Each plays at different "stages" of development according to the risk/reward principles they follow. Each can also focus on one or more areas: food, beverage, cosmetics, equipment, electronics, wearables, hardware, software etc. We've compiled a list of investors that may be interested in your company.

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Things like product development, manufacturing, and safety testing are a challenge at any scale. We've made a list of the players in the earliest part of the goods launching lifecycle, including shared kitchens, copackers, manufacturing facilities, and more.

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